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Customer Reviews

Fantastic device, better than Fitibit and Polar competitors

5,871 people found this helpful.
 on March 11, 2014
By Stratman351
I’ve been using an activity monitor for a couple of years now, and have owned the following in addition to the Vivofit: Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Force, and Polar Loop. Since the Fitbit devices are very popular and widely used, I’ll orient this review around a comparison to those (and the Polar Loop for good measure).

Best Activity Tracker Out There!

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 on March 11, 2014
By R. Montgomery
I have had my Vivofit since 2/27/14 and it has been excellent. I have owned the Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex, and Fitbit Zip in the past and this by far and away outperforms each and every one of those. First of all, YOU NEVER HAVE TO CHARGE THE THING (well not for like a year). That is a major plus. I have not had any syncing issues whatsoever. The sleep tracker works flawlessly, unlike the Fitbit Flex which would randomly disengage from sleep mode in the night. One of my favorite aspects is that it assigns you a daily goal trying to get you more motivated, not just the same number over and over. If it starts at 7,500 steps and I hit my goal, the next day the goal might be bumped up a bit. It constantly tries to get you more and more active.

Garmin’s Vivofit is an exceptional fitness tracker

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 on February 7, 2015
By Nicholas Calderone
When fitness bands started becoming popular about a year, I did a lot of research. There are many of them in the market now and I was looking for something very specific. I wanted a fitness band that had a display, tracked sleep, acted as a watch and was above all else comfortable. I found all of these things with the Garmin Vivofit. I’ve been a fan of Garmin for many, many years — ever since I bought my first GPS. It’s been a trusted brand and when I discovered they had a fitness band in the market, I was very excited. I knew that it would be built well and be easy to use. I was not disappointed.

I hate this F*ing thing

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 on May 26, 2016
By Sarah Hinman
I hate this F*ing thing.


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 on July 30, 2016
By S. Bridges
My review is specific for the claim it is waterproof. YES, it is…I accidently left my on while at the waterpark. My daughter said while we were in the wave pool, hey mom you still have your watch on. The watch never missed a beat the whole day at the waterpark.

In a world where so many devices need to be plugged in before bed its nice to have my watch not be one of them

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 on May 11, 2017
By Raymond Brandt
I wear this every day. I don’t even notice I’m wearing it which is a requirement for me. It doesn’t need to be charged every day. I have a Samsung Gear 2 which I have to charge every 12 hours and consequently decided to throw in a drawer and forget about it. In a world where so many devices need to be plugged in before bed its nice to have my watch not be one of them. I own a screwdriver which is the only tool required to replace the battery on this once it dies a year from now. Having a watch that says how many steps I take has motivated me to be more active. It has created a little competition between me and my circle of friends which only benefits us all. I was a little concerned that I would not like this watch due to its inability to light up. I have since decided that I’m glad I saved $10 and got this older model. I’ve not once went to look at the time in the dark and though “man I wish I could see my watch right now.” I like simple things that work and this fits the bill for me.

so far, meets all my expectations

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 on June 12, 2014
By Robert Escamilla
I dig the wrist band… completely. I’ve been on a fitness kick for a few years, and the number of items I’ve gone through surprised even me. I started off with the Nike/iPod line, but didn’t like the inaccuracy.. and the tom tom GPS watch only did running and I cycle a lot. I tried a fitbit, and my wife/sister/social group REALLY liked it; but, I lost mine within the week. That thing is SUPER small and doesn’t clip into ANYTHING securely. (My sisters are on their 2nd/3rd iteration of the device.)

For $50 this fitness band/watch is AMAZING!

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 on January 14, 2016
By M3P
For $50 this fitness band/watch does a lot. I bought this for my husband for Christmas. (He bought me the Microsoft band 2 which is amazing but for 5 times the price it better do more than this one.)

5 Times Better than Fitbit

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 on November 22, 2016
By 04rk88
I love this product. For years I’ve had various Fitbit products. Went through a lot of Fitbits from losing them, having them accidentally go through the close dryer, and other unfortunate events – enough so that I’ve owned a lot of Fitbits. After my last Fitbit bit the dust, I decided to try the Garmin Vivofit. Wow, that was best decision I ever made! What I love about this product is that I don’t have to recharge it every week like I had to do with the Fitbit – in fact I don’t have to charge it at all! Plus it interfaces really well with other devices and applications. The included Garmin interface is a much better and more functional application than the Fitbit. Synchronizes really well with my IPhone, iPad. I highly recommend this product

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